Round Petri Storage plate



The Round Storage Plate is a portable device used to store follicles of different sizes to preserve them for future use.

Petri dish with 4 spaces
Diameter: 10cm, Height: 1.5cm

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Round Petri Storage Plate

The Anodized Aluminum Petri Dish for Hair Transplantation is an essential tool to keep the extracted follicles in optimal condition during surgery. The plate is available in 4 spaces, making it suitable for different surgery sizes and needs.

They are sterilizable in the autoclave.
This plate is designed to protect and maintain the extracted follicles at the proper temperature throughout the surgical procedure. The high-quality anodized aluminum used in the manufacture of the plate guarantees excellent protection and a long time of use.

The plate is lightweight and easy to use, allowing surgeons to work efficiently and quickly. In addition, the plate has a smooth and uniform surface that greatly facilitates its use. This ensures greater precision and efficiency in the hair transplant process.

In conclusion, the anodized aluminum Petri dish for hair transplantation is an essential tool for any surgeon who performs this type of procedure. In addition, its high-quality material, its lightness and its uniform surface make it an excellent option to keep the follicles in optimal conditions during hair transplant surgery.

Its use together with our BJ Chilling Plate optimizes the conservation of the follicles.

¡IMPORTANT! Please read the Chilling plate and other divices delivery notice before placing your order.

Bjinstruments is an european manufacturers and supplier of hair transplant surgical instruments.

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